Move in faster
Satisfy your security deposit requirement and save your cash

Apply to move in to your new home
Ask us about Rhino when you apply to move in. We will invite you to sign up directly via email. Signing up for Rhino takes less than a minute.

Start your Rhino application
Signing up for Rhino is simple. Just follow the link in the email invitation. You'll answer a few questions that will help Rhino provide you with your personalized price.

Finish signing up
Complete enrollment and pay for your first month of Rhino protection. When you submit your first payment, you'll activate your Rhino policy and successfully satisfy your deposit requirement.

You're ready to move in!
Rhino will let us know that you've satisfied your deposit requirement. Similar to a traditional cash deposit, you're still responsible for excessive damage and unpaid rent.

Learn more at sayrhino.com